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Versioning Specification - Base, Concept Use, Concept Details, and Dimensions - CALL FOR IMPLEMENTATIONS - August 15, 20
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Candidate Recommendations

A Candidate Recommendation is a document that XII believes has been widely reviewed and satisfies the Working Group’s technical requirements. XII publishes a Candidate Recommendation to gather implementation experience.

Formula Extension Modules - Instances - October 3, 2012

The variable instances for multi-instance processing and chaining 1.0 specification has been updated with minor editorial changes and additions of errors to accomodate plural instances.

Instances, Tuples, and Chaining are supported by a set of related specifications for arc roles and techniques.  There has been steady demand for these features by stakeholders, and a prototype implementation to prove its feasibility.

Instances (multi-instance and chaining) - HTML  5th CR dated 2012-10-03

2.1 Conformance Suite (Candidate Recommendation 5)
 - January 24, 2012

Although the conformance suite is considered a "Candidate Recommendation" it is listed on the "Recommendations" page because of its close association with the latest version of the Specification RECOMMENDATION. Please click on the link above to take you to the correct page.

Formula Tuples 1.0
 - November 30, 2011

This specification provides the syntax and semantics for generation of tuples by use of an output location aspect and variables-scope relationships.

Feedback is invited and must be sent to

Variables-Scope Relationships 1.0 - November 30, 2011

This specification is provides the syntax and semantics for variables-scope relationships to support variable-set evaluation chaining.

Feedback is invited and must be sent to  

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