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Smart Templates Improved
2016-03-23 Author:Dave Nitchman Editor:无忧草 Views:

The Rendering Working Group has published an errata release of Table Linkbase Specification 1.0to correct minor issues.The updated specification may be accessed here.

The Table Linkbase provides a mechanism for creating powerful “Smart Templates”–templates that can be used for both data entry and presentation,and which harness the power of XBRL taxonomies to provide validation,internationalisation and documentation,backed by a logical,dimensional data model.

The Working Group is also working on Table Linkbase 1.1to provide enhancements to the current specification.Anyone with requirements or a desire to a desire to participate in developing solutions is welcome to get involved in the Rendering WG.Consortium members may join the group using the working group enrolment form.Non-members contact to learn about your membership options in order to participate.


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