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Getting Data To Markets
2017-03-20 Author:Editor Editor:无忧草 Views:

How does structured data get used by capital market giants like Thomson Reuters?Listen in to the discussion between Workiva’s Mike Starr,Merrill Corporation’s Lou Rohman and Gladimyr Sully,a data aggregation expert from Thomson Reuters.The one hour webinar is now available and covers key aspects of ensuring digital disclosures meet the needs of investors.

Mr Sully describes the way that securities filing data is pulled in by the data giant from numerous countries including Japan,Korea,the US and now Mexico and talks about the different steps that a data provider needs to work through to use this fundamental data.

Some countries provide quite standardised data (requiring companies to conform their financials into a template)which helps with comparison,but means that much of the nuance contained in the financial statements is not available.Others (such as the US)require significantly more tagging work,to create structured data that matches and supports the financial statement exactly.This kind of open reporting provides greater levels of insight,is much more useful for detailed securities analysis,but it can also create an expectations gap:structured data is not the same as normalised data.

It’s well worth listening in to.


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