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US GAAP 2009 Taxonomy Support Announced; Reminder for SEC Webcast
2009-06-08 Editor: Views:

Today the SEC updated their official SEC EDGAR Standard Taxonomies page to announce forthcoming support for the US GAAP 2009 taxonomies.  On the site, the SEC states that July 22, 2009 is when the EDGAR system will officially support these new taxonomies.  This means that as of that day, XBRL test/live filings based on the 2009 taxonomies against the EDGAR system can be done.  Until then, test/live filings can only be done using the 2008 taxonomies.

In addition to this roadmap, the SEC “strongly encourages” companies to begin working with and using the 2009 taxonomies.  I agree completely!!…but what does a company do between now and July 22nd to make sure their 2009 taxonomy-based XBRL data is mandate-ready?  I’d recommend  the Bowne Interactive XBRL Viewer as it provides not only the visual review of XBRL data but also SEC mandate-level validation when uploading files. 

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