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The Conference of “Accounting Informationization and Promoting China Strong at Accountancy” Held in Beijing
2013-03-27 Author:曹宇红 Editor:无忧草 Views:

On July 24th 2012,The conference of “Accounting Informationization Promoting China Becoming a Country Strong at Accountancy”was held in Beijing.During the conference,some key topics were discussed deeply,including how to develop accounting informationization,particularly the application of XBRL in China;how to improve the standardized accounting informationization system and how to enhance the role and function of accountancy towards the economic society.Mr.Yu Weiping,the member of party leadership,assistant director of the Ministry of Finance (MOF)attended the conference and gave a speech.About 400participants attended the conference,they came from governmental regulatory department,enterprises,agencies,software suppliers,as well as the local and foreign experts in the fields of accounting informationization.

Mr.Yu Weiping said,Accounting informationization will be the key accelerator and breakthrough point to help China to be a country transmitting from “Big”to “Strong”at accountancy.Promoting the development of Accounting informationization has far-reaching significance to serve economic society.Implementing XBRL,on one hand it have to be government dominated,which should lead a deep analysis and define the top tier design and general planning.Meanwhile,the government should initiate the draft of XBRL technical specification;publish the General Purpose Taxonomy of Chinese Accounting Standards (CAS)and other sub-taxonomy.In addition,to speed up and prompt the pilot implementation phrase by phrase.On the other hand,we can prompt the implementation of taxonomy in the enterprises by the policy of open standard and encourage competition.We have to inspire the initiative and creativeness of the enterprises,make the market to play a key role in the implementation of taxonomy and application of XBRL.

In recent years,as an electronic format for financial reporting,XBRL was used broadly in many countries and regions.It can convert the ordinary financial reports into one data format recognizable by computers and become an “international language”for electronic financial reports.By prompting XBRL,it can help us improving the modification and utilization of accounting information,and hopefully it can solve the long term difficulties caused by unaligned data resource and inability to share information because of the lack of uniformed standard.

As far as we know,IASB started to publish IFRS Taxonomy based on XBRL format from 2006.In China we started the development and practice for XBRL from 2002.

In October 2010,the Ministry of Finance (MOF)published the General Purpose Taxonomy of CAS;meanwhile,the Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China (SAC)published the national standard for XBRL technical specification which was drafted by MOF.It is the first time that China has uniformed the standard of electronic data for financial reporting in nationwide.At the beginning of 2011,MOF chosen some enterprises which had better information technology platform to implement the taxonomy,such as China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC),Huaneng Power International,Inc and China Development Bank(CBD).

The scope for implementation expanded year by year.This year,this work extended to Large and Medium-sized local state-owned enterprises covered 17provinces including Hubei and Guangxi,18banking and financial institutions including 16domestic listed banks were also included.




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