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2011-10-10 Workflow Involved when Creating a Financial Statement
2011-10-06 Creation of Financial Statement is a Collaboration
2011-10-04 Semantic, Structured, Model-based Authoring Enabled by XBRL
2011-10-03 Excel Application Prototype Shows Cross Business System Interaction
2011-09-17 Drilling into Income Statement Semantic Model 
2011-09-15 Drilling into Cash Flow Statement Semantic Model
2011-09-11 Toward Semantic Model of Financial Reporting
2011-09-06 Organization, Consolidation, Basis of Presentation/Reporting, Nature of Business
2011-09-05 How Dow Industrials Report Organization, Presentation Information
2011-09-01 Analyzing Concept Used to Report Revenues by SIC
2011-08-30 Dow Jones Industrial Average: Prototype Information Extraction
2011-08-20 Imagining What Digital Financial Report Viewer Would Look Like
2011-08-13 Analyzing XBRL-based Information: Clues from SEC Data
2011-08-08 Toward Rendering Digital Business Reports
2011-08-01 Network Theory
2011-07-31 Additional Relations: Integrity Models, Flow Models 
2011-07-29 Infosets Break Your Work Into Two Distinct Problems
2011-07-26 Updated Comprehensive Example
2011-07-24 Metapatterns and Business Use Cases to Help you Master Digital Financial Reporting
2011-07-14 Reference Model for Digital Financial Reporting
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